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Vamonos! Features Pt 4: Verified Messages

As you know, Vamonos! provides you with a fast and easy way to let contacts know where you are by sending location-based messages. But did you know that Vamonos! has an even faster way of doing this?

Vamonos! Features Pt 3: LateAlerts

  So far, we’ve gone over the very basic way in which someone can use Vamonos!: automatically texting someone when you either enter or leave a selected location. Our app, however, is much more versatile than that.

Vamonos! Features Pt 2: Routines

As you start to implement Vamonos! into your daily life, you may realize that you’re sending the same location-based messages to the same people regularly. Thus, despite being incredibly useful, using the app may seem to get a little tedious…. Read More

Vamonos! Features Pt 1: Geofences

You’ve heard us mention “location-based messages” quite a bit by now, and you might have some questions as to how we actually go about sending our revolutionary messages. Well, it all starts when you open up Vamonos! on your iPhone.