50 Things You Can Do With Vamonos!


In celebration of Vamonos!’s launch, we saw it fit to share our top 50 ways to use Vamonos!


  • Tell whoever is picking you up that your flight has landed
  • Let a travel companion know when you leave your hotel
  • Text travelers when you’ve arrived at the airport to pick them up
  • Keep family updated on a road trip by texting them when you reach certain checkpoints along the way
  • Text your boss you have just left the office for a work-related road trip.
  • If you know you will be driving in bad weather, set a LateAlert message for your family beforehand in case your arrival is delayed
  • If you’re traveling by train, you can keep your friends and family updated at each stop you get to
  • Set a routine if you regularly drive to and from work to keep your boss or coworkers informed of when you arrive/leave
  • If you’re running low on battery, set an automatic message to be sent at a certain time and let our servers do the work for you


  • Text your friend when you walk out of Starbucks
  • Notify friends you’re “here” right before you get to their house
  • Let friends know which Pokémon gyms you’re at as you walk around town
  • Setup a boundary when you’re playing a game of paintball, hide-and-go-seek, or capture the flag by creating a text that lets the other players know when someone’s left the area
  • Start a pickup basketball game by texting your friend group when you arrive at the courts
  • Text your date you’ve arrived at the meeting location.
  • Let a friend know you will be late to dinner if you haven’t left the house by 7
  • Get creative! Make an Easter egg scavenger hunt by programming locations of eggs in your friends’ phones so they get a text when they are close to an egg
  • See if a friend wants to hang by texting him or her whenever you pass nearby his or her house
  • Spend more time in Pokémon Go and less time in the texting app by pre-programming messages to friends
  • Focus on driving when there’s heavy traffic knowing that Vamonos! will automatically tell your friend you’re going to be late
  • Let someone know that you’ve left your house when you’re coming to pick them up


  • Meet up with friends around the college campus by letting them all know when you arrive at the quad
  • Tell a teammate you are on your way to practice when you leave your dorm
  • Inform your tutor you left on time for the 8 pm session
  • Let your friend group know you’re on your way to pick them up for the big ten football game
  • Text your study group when you get to Starbucks and that you’re looking for people to join
  • Automatically text your friends telling them to save you a seat in class if you’re running late
  • Text a friend when you’re leaving a music concert
  • Program a message for friends that sends when you reach your dorm to confirm that you made it back safely
  • Text a parent when you arrive or leave school every day


  • Setup a surprise birthday party by texting partygoers when you get close to the party with your unsuspecting kid, sibling, or friend (who is having the birthday).
  • Program a routine in your child’s phone that lets you know when your child has safely arrived at a best friend’s house
  • Automatically text your spouse you are busy at work and will be late for dinner
  • Let your family know you are caught up in traffic if you are not close to your house by a certain time
  • Text your family to see if they want you to buy anything when you arrive at a grocery store
  • Notify your kids when you get back from a business trip
  • Text your parents you’ve finished walking the dog when you leave the park
  • Text your parents when your headed to their house for dinner


  • Remind yourself of your dentist/doctor/hair appointment if you haven’t left the house yet
  • Don’t forget to pick up that corsage on prom night! Set a reminder the day before to text you when you leave the house
  • Set a reminder when you get home to carry in ‘that one thing’ from your car
  • Remind yourself to pick of groceries when you pass by the store
  • Send a text each morning encouraging you to work out


  • Have peace of mind as a parent when your newly licensed teen drives to a friend’s house with Vamonos!’s “Verified Messages.” Vamonos! will send you a message containing their exact location when your child reaches a pre-programmed destination. Kids are more likely to use Vamonos!’s Verified Message at it’s effective, non-intrusive compared to other apps
  • Also, your kids have no excuse to not use location-based texting. Vamonos! saves battery by using phone towers to calculate location instead of power hungry GPS, like other apps such as Find My Friends do
  • Minimize your child’s texting on the road by automating most of your child’s messages, both arrivals and departures
  • Program text messages in Vamonos! for family members who are not as tech-savvy such as grandparents
  • Set LateAlerts for your kids if they are walking to a friend’s house and don’t get there by a certain time. This feature can be used side-by-side with Verified Messages


  • Get more free uses out of Vamonos! by referring a friend to the app. You’ll receive 5 free message for each friend you refer
  • Take advantage of referring friends. If more of your friends are using Vamonos!, the app can then send you your notifications through push notifications. This is faster, saves battery and won’t use your monthly texting limit



Simply put, make texting safer and more efficient with Vamonos! You will be updated on your friends’ and family’s activities all without being intrusive. Everything about Vamonos! is opt-in. You don’t have to worry about texting and driving. You can customize Vamonos! to suit all your needs. We’re excited to see what you come up with…

Happy texting,

The Vamonos Team!

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