Vamonos! Features Pt 3: LateAlerts



So far, we’ve gone over the very basic way in which someone can use Vamonos!: automatically texting someone when you either enter or leave a selected location. Our app, however, is much more versatile than that.

Vamonos! can also be used to let someone know that you’re running late somewhere. To send this kind of Vamonos! message, simply click on the LateAlert button in the top-right corner of the main screen. This will make your message automatically send if you don’t get to or leave a selected location by a certain time.


LateAlerts can prove very useful if you’re stuck at the office but want to let your family know you’ll be coming home late. Or maybe, you simply need a way to let your friends know you’ll be late to that party. Either way, Vamonos! can help you quickly and safely inform your contacts where you are.

Happy Texting!

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