Vamonos! Features Pt 2: Routines

Beta Announcement

As you start to implement Vamonos! into your daily life, you may realize that you’re sending the same location-based messages to the same people regularly. Thus, despite being incredibly useful, using the app may seem to get a little tedious. But don’t worry! Our app has an incredibly useful feature that makes sending those recurring messages a breeze.

When you create a Vamonos! message on the main screen of the app, you have the option to make the message a Routine. All you have to do to create the routine is select the time frame in which you want your location-based message to send.


 If you choose to make the message a routine, every time you either enter or leave your created geofence, your message will automatically send within your selected timeframe. Therefore, Routines can be a great way for teens to let their parents know they’ve arrived safely to school or busy workers to let their bosses know they’ve arrived to work.

Happy Texting!

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