Vamonos! Features Pt 1: Geofences


You’ve heard us mention “location-based messages” quite a bit by now, and you might have some questions as to how we actually go about sending our revolutionary messages. Well, it all starts when you open up Vamonos! on your iPhone.

First, you log in and enter the main page. Then, you select whether you want to have Vamonos! automatically text your contact(s) when you arrive to or leave from a selected location.


Next, you choose a location by simply tapping on the interactive map or by manually searching for an address. A green circle will then immediately appear around your selected location. This is called a Geofence.


3. After selecting a message and clicking “Send,” Vamonos! will begin monitoring your location, even if the app is closed. Finally, Vamonos! will send a text message when you either enter or exit the Geofence.


Geofences make sending messages a much safer and easier experience. Therefore, wether you are a parent concerned about your child texting while driving, a busy professional needing a faster way to let your coworkers know where you are, or simply an active traveler, Vamonos! can be an integral part of your daily life.


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