50 Things You Can Do With Vamonos!


In celebration of Vamonos!’s launch, we saw it fit to share our top 50 ways to use Vamonos!

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Vamonos! Features Pt 4: Verified Messages


As you know, Vamonos! provides you with a fast and easy way to let contacts know where you are by sending location-based messages. But did you know that Vamonos! has an even faster way of doing this?

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Vamonos! Features Pt 3: LateAlerts



So far, we’ve gone over the very basic way in which someone can use Vamonos!: automatically texting someone when you either enter or leave a selected location. Our app, however, is much more versatile than that.

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Vamonos! Features Pt 2: Routines

Beta Announcement

As you start to implement Vamonos! into your daily life, you may realize that you’re sending the same location-based messages to the same people regularly. Thus, despite being incredibly useful, using the app may seem to get a little tedious. But don’t worry! Our app has an incredibly useful feature that makes sending those recurring messages a breeze.

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